Why is Housing Important in Smyrna?

Housing is an integral component of every community. It impacts education, families, neighborhoods, economic development, public health, and inclusivity.

Access to Education

Housing usually determines where students can attend school. Diverse housing options provide students and their families with more opportunities to succeed. Socioeconomically diverse schools result in a better public education system.

Aging in Place

A complete community means being able to age in place and adjust your housing to fit your changing needs. The availability of suitable housing for adults and seniors is essential so that they can happily stay in the community.

Child Poverty

15.5% of children in Smyrna live at or below the poverty line. Housing instability keeps families trapped in poverty and creates extra challenges for young students trying to learn and succeed.


MUST Ministries reports that 67% of individuals seeking assistance are in need because of difficulty making rent and facing eviction. These individuals are most often working mothers and their children.

Public Health

Quality housing results in much greater health outcomes at a community level. Building pedestrian and bike friendly communities means residents live healthier, happier lives.

Economic Development

The Cobb Chamber of Commerce reports that lack of access to a skilled workforce is the #1 challenge businesses face in Cobb County. Workforce housing is critical for economic development.

What is the team doing?

The Community Housing Team of Smyrna was born out of the Smyrna Vision Plan and its formation was supported by the Smyrna Mayor, City Council, and city staff.

The team consists of residents, elected officials, and city staff, including stakeholder representatives from county and state agencies and organizations. Team members range from the nonprofit to the private sector.

Team members have personal interest in the well being of the community and the majority work directly on issues of housing. By bringing together a group of diverse perspectives and experience, the City hopes to develop well-thought out possible solutions and strategies to address community housing challenges.

The team was originally formed with the intention of participating in a program created by the Department of Community Affairs. The city was not selected but chose to preserve the team and continue the conversation because it is important to Smyrna’s future.

The first meeting of the team was held on November 7th, 2017. The team will continue to meet on a monthly basis.  

Meet the team

The team is made up of city officials, staff, city residents, and representatives from county and state agencies and organizations that work directly on housing issues. The Community Housing Team is not an appointed committee. All members were invited or recommended. They are listed below alphabetically.
Earl Adams

Earl Adams

Studio No. 7

Business Owner, Realtor

Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews

Smyrna Administration Department

Assistant City Administrator

Deputy Chief Joe Bennett

Deputy Chief Joe Bennett

Smyrna Police Department

Private Realtor

Karen Carter

Cobb Collaborative

Executive Director

Rachel Castillo

MUST Ministries

Director of Housing Programs

Robin Crawford

Robin Crawford

City of Smyrna

Diversity Consultant

Angie Fiese

Gas South

Governmental Affairs

Marisa Ghani

Atlanta Regional Commission


Robert Herrig

Atlanta Regional Commission


David McGinnis

NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

Executive Director

David Monroe

JWC Homes

Smyrna Business Association President Elect

Michael M. Murphy

Michael M. Murphy

Cobb County Board of Commissioners

Chairman's Assistant for Special Projects

Maxwell Ruppersburg

Maxwell Ruppersburg

Smyrna Administration Department

Special Projects Coordinator
Community Housing Team Coordinator

William Smith

William Smith

Smyrna Community Development

Economic Development Coordinator

Joey Staubes

Joey Staubes

Smyrna Community Development Department

Planner II

Doug Stoner

Doug Stoner

Smyrna City Council, Ward 6

Community Development Committee Chair

Noel Taylor

Marietta Housing Authority

Housing Director

Sean Tintle

Cardinal Property Management

Smyrna Business Association Board Member

Susan Wilkinson

Susan Wilkinson

Smyrna City Council, Ward 5

Community Development Committee Member

Jennifer Yankulova

Legal Aid Cobb

Staff Attorney

Ashley Youmans

Ashley Youmans

Smyrna Administration Department

ICMA Local Government Management Fellow

Chuck Young

Prestwick Companies

VP Development

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Maxwell Ruppersburg
Special Projects Coordinator

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